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celebrities with plaits

The braidy bunch

Moving from the catwalk onto the red carpet, plaits and braids have taken over from ballerina buns and classic chignons when it comes to glamorous Hollywood hair

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Gardening tools and potted flower

10 clever tricks for a gorgeous garden

If you’ve neglected your outside space over the winter, now’s the perfect time to rejuvenate it for spring. Here are some excellent hacks and tips to perk up your garden with minimal effort

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A range of shoes

Top 10 fashion-forward shoes for SS15

From the flatform to the slider and espadrille, put your best foot forward with these budget-friendly picks

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woman doing housework and singing into broom

How to turn housework into a proper workout

From hoovering and dusting to laundry and tidying, here’s how to make your housework a super effective way to burn calories

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model standing by a plane

The travel pack

When it comes to holiday packing, choosing which beauty essentials make the cut can be a real struggle. But fear not! Whether you’re going long haul or on a quick city break, we have your beauty booty covered

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bbq brisket

10 cheap cuts of beef for affordable meals

Forget fillet, rib-eye and sirloin, these unsung hero cuts will give you more bang for your buck – just in time for Great British Beef Week

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orange peel on wooden table

10 surprising things you can do with fruit and vegetable peel

Peelings aren’t just good for the compost, they’re great for all sorts of things including flavouring stocks and oils and adding zest to sugar

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Model with a braided hairstyle

How to create a braided Boho-style up-do

This stunning, easy-to-create vintage look is perfect for summer parties and fetivals. Leo Bancroft shows how it’s done

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England flag

Six affordable ways to celebrate St George’s Day at home

Try these money-saving ideas to celebrate England’s patron saint – no dragon slaying required!

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Two people sleeping

10 snoring solutions to help you sleep better

If you’re one of the 41 per cent of the population making night-time noise – or a long-suffering bedfellow – here’s the advice you need to sleep soundly

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